Become a Validated Client

Afraid that a gluten-free menu is too daunting? Worried that getting validated will be too much work? Or too expensive? Fear not… GFFS makes it easy! When you decide to become a Validated Gluten Free Safe Spot, GFFS will help you to develop customized policies and procedures that will meet your space, your staff, your menu and your needs.  GFFS will work with you to design a plan including written policies and procedures.

About The Program

The Gluten-Free Food Service Program (GFFS) validates food service establishments throughout the US, Canada and Japan. GFFS is able to validate any type of establishment that serves a finished "plate" of food to a guest. The types of establishments that are validated through this program are single location restaurants, chain restaurants, franchise restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, meal kit services, personal chef services, colleges and universities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, camps and more.

Best Practices

The GFFS program provides a set of standards and procedures that food service establishments follow to provide safe food handling practices for gluten-free food production and service. Implementation of the GFFS program does not guarantee safe gluten-free food products. The standards and strategies provided are designed as Best Practices for food service providers. Food service providers who meet these strict standards are able to document knowledge, training, and processes that will provide customer confidence that the establishment understands their needs and has the ability to prepare safe meals for them.

STEP 1: Tell us About your establishment & get a quote

Every establishment is different and we are ready to learn about yours. We'll send you the necessary forms, such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Application, to start the process. Once we understand your operations, GFFS will provide a quote.

Step 2: Best practice plan defined and implemented

GFFS will collaborate on a plan for your facility and review the documentation developed to ensure it meets the gluten free best practices.

Step 3: GFFS Audit and Validation Issued

A GFFS auditor will visit your establishment and evaluate your processes onsite to ensure what was said in the written documentation is being implemented. Upon auditor approval, your validation will be official.

Validation is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Be sure to follow the best practices established every day and proudly display the Validated Gluten Free Safe Spot mark on your doors/windows, menus/menu boards, and website. The gluten-free community is putting their trust in your hands. GFFS will be with you along the way and will return for regular audits.