Become a GFFS Coach

Do you, or a loved one, need to eat gluten-free and have limited choices in your neighborhood? Do you have to be careful when eating out and wish more restaurants knew what it takes to serve a safe, gluten-free meal?  

If you said yes, you may be what your community needs – and we have an opportunity for you! Read on... 

The GFFS Coach Program

GFFS validates Gluten Free Safe Spots to provide people living gluten-free with the reassurance that the food service establishments are following proper policies and procedures when claiming to offer gluten-free meals. 

The GFFS coach training program is designed for people, like you, who are knowledgeable about gluten-free living and are interested in helping local restaurants navigate the GFFS validation program. 

You can become a GFFS Coach by going through our extensive training course work. Your investment in training will pay off quickly as you begin to earn commissions on the fees that restaurants pay to get validated.

GFFS offers training on gluten-free best practices and the processes of the GFFS validation program. Once you are a trained GFFS coach, you can reach out to your local restaurants and bring them on as clients, providing them with the resources, support, and advice they need to successfully complete the GFFS validation program.

Invest in Training & Earn $

What will the GFFS Coaching program teach you?

GFFS Coaches will be trained in the following:

  • How to approach and interact with local restaurants to establish a coaching relationship.
  • Key, science-based information about gluten-free food safety, cross-contact, and other restaurant-specific issues.
  • The proprietary, reliable process that GFFS uses to validate restaurants.
  • Details on the GFFS criteria for setting up proper gluten-free policies and procedures and correcting potential or existing issues.
  • How to set up an in-house, restaurant-specific staff training program to ensure all existing and new employees receive consistent and accurate information.
  • How to properly audit a restaurant’s policies, procedures, training program, and kitchen to ensure the validation designation is warranted.

The extensive training includes 7 learning modules consisting of:

  • Videos
  • Written materials
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Live, interactive sessions with the manager of the GFFS program, Lindsey Yeakle

The GFFS training program requires a $1000 investment by the coach for extensive training. You can recoup this investment in a potentially short amount of time - as soon as you bring a few local restaurants on board for the GFFS validation program.  

We offer a payment plan to cover the training fee over an extended period. An explanation of this plan is covered below in the GFFS Coaching Program FAQs. There are no other costs involved in becoming a coach other than a once-a-year $150 coach renewal fee, which will easily be offset by your increased revenue potential as you bring on clients.

As a coach, you will receive a 35% commission for each restaurant you introduce into the GFFS Validation Program that follows through and completes the program. You also receive a commission annually when the restaurant renews. The validation fees to the restaurants are based on standard criteria including type of restaurant (fully gluten-free versus mixed-use) and the number of locations. Some coaches have the potential opportunity to earn additional flat fees for auditing already established GFFS-Validated restaurants in their local area.

Are you the ideal GFFS Coach?

A GFFS coach wants to have a direct, positive impact on the number of validated gluten-free restaurants in their area for the peace of mind of friends, neighbors, and visitors who are dining out and need to eat gluten-free.

Does this sound like you? If so, apply to be a Coach today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The food service establishment fees are determined by GFFS corporate. The coach’s commission is 35% of the total paid by the facilities. The validation costs for the establishments range from about $800 to $1500 a year depending on the type of facility. In addition, we have chain restaurants that we will be occasionally asking the coaches to audit on behalf of GFFS. These are paid at a flat rate of $150 location audited. There are no quotas to be met. In most cases, anticipate coaching to be a part-time commitment.

The GFFS Coaching fee is $1,000, due 30 days after being accepted into the program. There is also a nominal $150 annual fee to maintain your GFFS coach status (See “CEUs” below.)

GFFS puts a significant amount of time and energy into “creating” a GFFS coach. Our fees, and the ‘no refund’ policy for failing the initial knowledge test twice in a row, reflect the degree to which we take seriously this process to help provide safe dining experiences for persons with gluten sensitivities, and the degree to which we also want you to take it seriously. It is an investment in your understanding and expertise to inform, educate and train your community and improve the safe food options near you. The selection process will be rigorous.

We use PayPal to accept payments for the registration fee. For those interested in paying over time, PayPal Credit is available. This program offers the ability to make payments over six months with 0% in financing charges. If you need a longer payment period, PayPal will apply a variable APR. See the terms and conditions on the PayPal credit website for more information.

After being accepted into the training program, you will be provided with access to the training course, and the ability to pay the course fee. During the checkout process, you must be logged in to an active PayPal account in order to apply for PayPal credit. At checkout, you will be presented with the ability to select PayPal Credit as a payment option:

If you fail the initial knowledge test, you will have the opportunity to try again in 2 weeks free of charge, OR you may choose to discontinue the testing process at that point for a full refund. If you fail the initial knowledge test a second time, you will automatically be refunded, with no opportunity to re-apply.

If you do request a refund after failing your first attempt at the initial knowledge test, you will need to wait 2 months before applying to become a coach again, for time to study.

If you reach the end of the testing process and have not earned high enough marks on the tests (75% or higher) to become a trained coach, there will be no refunds granted, and you must begin the application process again from the start, after a six-month period to allow for studying.

You do not need any specific degree or any other certification to be a GFFS Coach. However, we highly recommend you have existing knowledge regarding gluten, gluten sensitivities, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease.

First, you’ll go through our free application process. If you are accepted, you’ll pay the coaching fee, and begin the initial knowledge test.

Around two to four weeks on average, but it can be done faster. In addition, we may add up to a week to the process, should we need more time to review, discuss, or grade your materials.

The seven modules consist of an online interview, multiple-choice exams, and special projects. Should you pass all modules and be approved by the GFFS team, you’ll then become an official GFFS coach.

Training is done through the online system as well as some emails and phone calls. Testing is all done through our online system. Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Yes. Scores will be calculated and displayed for each track, along with comments from your reviewer where appropriate. You and your GFFS team reviewer will be the only people with access to your testing materials and scores once you log into our system.

We want to work with our coaches to grow and develop you, and it’s important to us that this process doesn’t just rely on a calculated online score to determine whether a prospective coach passes or fails. To that end, a GFFS team member will be reviewing all of your material, and will take all factors into account before deciding your acceptance into the program. If you perform well overall, but have a few areas that could be strengthened, that will not automatically preclude you from passing the overall coaching program. However, it is at the ultimate discretion of the GFFS team whether or not to accept you at the end of the process.

No. The GFFS team reserves the right to withdraw you from the process at any time, for any reason. If this should happen, we’ll issue you a full refund.

Coaches promote GIG, GFFS, and the validation program to food service establishments in their area. This involves reaching out to local food service establishments to tell them about the GFFS validation program and encourage them to go seek validation. On some occasions, a facility may reach out directly to the GFFS corporate office. That lead would be passed along to the coach working in the area of the establishment. Part of the coach training program guides the coach through how to “sell” and we also provide materials that the coach can use to aid in the process.

Coaches are considered contract workers for Gluten Intolerance Group and are therefore required to submit an IRS Form W-9.

Yes we do! We have a login area that you will be able to access once you complete the training and testing that will have many resources for working with food service facilities. From sales techniques to best practices, training PowerPoints to forms and documents. All these resources are to help our coaches guide facilities through the validation process and teach best practices.

It is highly recommended that you have your own liability insurance to work as a GFFS coach. Some companies that offer professional liability insurance for health and fitness professionals include Allied Health Insureon, Lockton Affinity, and Hiscox. (Note, for the purposes of insurance, the closest field of practice for coverage is probably “nutritionist,” a general term for those who help clients with food. Consult an attorney in your state for recommendations tailored to your context.)

No. We will choose applicants based on their strengths, not their geographic location. You may be the only coach working in a city, or there could be several in your home area.

It means you have been officially trained to use the GFFS coach title to advertise, promote, and market your services.

The only designation afforded by this program is GFFS coach. Unless your other certifications, licenses, or degrees specifically allow it, you may not call yourself a nutritionist, nutrition consultant, or dietitian, or any other term that implies you are licensed to perform nutrition consultations.

This coach title does not imply a professional designation, nor does it allow you to make specific nutrition, dietary, or medical recommendations, or practice one-on-one consulting, unless it is within your professional scope of practice to do so. Your role is that of an instructional coach. You’ll be helping clients by providing them with resources, offering advice for succeeding with the program, and supporting them during their validation process.

No. We have support groups spread throughout the world that provide those opportunities.

No. If opportunities for local, national, or web-based media outlets requesting interviews (television, newspaper, radio, podcasts, or online sources with a broad audience) present themselves we would ask that you pass the information along to to handle. It is the goal of GFFS to make sure that we always present a unified image, which is best handled and maintained at the corporate level.

This list is not exhaustive, but as a coach, you may not: (a) conduct seminars, events, or presentations, (b) conduct events, seminars, or presentations online or virtually, (c) record or share previously recorded seminars, events, or presentations publicly, or (d) appear on any media or conduct any media interviews on behalf of GFFS, (e) perform any services for which you are not licensed.

Your coach training is good for one calendar year, beginning on the day you sign and accept your contract. The training may be renewed each year, provided you meet the requirements for renewal.

First, you must comply with all contractual obligations as outlined in your coaching contract.
Second, you must complete annual continuing education credits (CEUs). You earn CEUs by, prior to your yearly anniversary, taking and passing continuing education training and testing offered by GFFS through the same training portal used for the initial coach training.
Third, you must pay a $150 annual fee to remain a GFFS coach in good standing.

Please email with additional questions.

Current Coaches and Learners